Outdoor Heating Options: Firepit or Patio Heater?

by Chen Winnie
Outdoor Heating Options: Firepit or Patio Heater?
Which is better for you, a firepit or a patio heater? It is a question which comes up to your mind quite often while you want to enjoy family or friend’s gatherings outdoors but want to feel warm at the same time especially in cold winter.


This article is going to analyze and make comparisons between firepit and patio  heater to help you find out your individual outdoor heating solutions. Now, let’s check..


Know More About Firepits

Firepit is a pit dug into the ground or encased in a surrounding structure (as of masonry or steel) in which a fire is kept burning. The fire could be fueled by burning wood, coal, propane, or natural gas; all to provide outdoor warmth in an open area. Various types of fire pit designs suit different space styles and meet different tastes and fire needs. Let’s figure out which one is best fire pit for you.


Types of Firepits

You can choose outdoor firepit according to not only your environmental conditions and the amount of space available, but also if the fire pits would be used for commercial purposes or residential use.


1. Built-in Stone Firepit

Built-in Stone Firepit

This type could be a brick rectangular outdoor firepit or circular structure constructed out in the open for burning wood. It’s more traditional, as it means you can only use wood as fuel. Also, for places with a wider space, it limits sitting to only around the fire pit, while other spaces are left bare. Unlike outdoor propane fire pits which are easier to position where you prefer, the built-in type makes you restricted to sitting in a specific area when you’re outdoor. 


2. Fire Bowl

A fire bowl pit is a more versatile firepit type that allows you to place it wherever you like, either permanently or in-season. Fuel sources are multiple, propane fire bowl would be your favorable option if you'd like more heat. Most of the fire bowls are often made from steel, perfect if you like the round outdoor firepit which is great for outdoor decoration.


3. Fire Tables

Outdoor fire table is more conventional and factors comfort into its design. They are upgraded from the traditional fire pit to a modern one with extended surface to place items, like drinks and dishes. 


4. Chimney Firepit

Desigh of this outdoor fire pit with chimney would derect smoke up away instead of being exposed to the open fire and flying ashes.


Pros of Fire Pits

  1. Intense heat-They can be used for warmth, cooking and barbecue.

  2. flexible design-They may be scaled to fit any backyard occasion.

  3. Multiple materials-Including stone, concrete, metal, or brick. 

  4. Portable-Some fire pits can be moved around as needed. 


Cons of Fire Pits

  1. Open flame-There is a risk of flying sparks and embers if you use wood as fuel source. 

  2. Continuous maintenance-Regular cleaning and proper ventilation is needed to clean dirt and ashes inside. 

  3. Policy restrictions-Some jurisdictions have regulations on open flames in residential areas. 


Know More About Patio Heaters

An outdoor patio heater, also called a mushroom heater or umbrella heater, is a radiant heating appliance for generating thermal radiation for outdoor use.


Types of Patio Heaters

 1. Concrete-encased Metal Circles

These are the most permanent option. They are made of either masonry or concrete-encased metal circles. The advantage of these fire pits is that they are durable and last a long time. Tabletop Concrete Fire Bowl is perfect to create ambiance and add aesthetic sensation.


2. Gas, Propane, or Biofuel Fire Pits

These smokeless fire pits use gas, propane, or biofuel as their fuel source. However, nothing's perfect. The disadvantage is that they can be more expensive than other options.


3. Wood-Burning Fire Pits

These outdoor wood burning fire pit use wood as their fuel source. The advantage of these fire pits is that they add a pleasant smell to the air when they are burning. The disadvantage is that they can be smokier than other outdoor heaters. Outdoor Steel Chiminea Patio Heater is an upgraded model which has wood burning at the bottom with the sizable chimney that efficiently directs smoke and ashes up away without ending up ashes flying everywhere and make a mess.


Pros of Patio Heaters

  1. Warm in cold weather-Allow you to spend time outside as long as you want even in freezing winter. With a patio heater, you can enjoy time with family and friends while stay comfortably warm

  2. Various fuel types-Electric patio heaters are great if you prefer an environmentally friendly option. Or, a natural gas or propane patio heater would be perfect for you if you want heaters that can produce more heat.

  3. Safe around children-Most patio heaters nowadays come with built-in safety features that make them safe to use around children and pets. 


Cons of Patio Heaters

  1. Expensive-Price varies from around $300 to $1000 or more according to different heater model.

  2. Trip hazards-It is critical to set your patio heater in a spot where it won’t be easily toppled over if you have hyperactive children or pets that like to run about.

  3. Portability-Some of patio heaters are portable while you need to move to a new house or change up your outdoor space. But other patio heaters may need to pay professionals to uninstall old patio heater and and install a new one at your new home. 1500W Infrared Patio Heater Floor Lamp would be your choice if you want patio heater portable, with easy operation and produce intense heat in a wide range.


Factors Need to be Considered Before Purchase

Space available 

Fire pit would go for huge outdoor space and patio heater would be good for a rather small area.


Fuel Source

Sometimes you may prefer electric patio heater than a propane fire pit, or a wood-burning fire pit than other options. Furthermore, local policy restrictions on fuel sources should be taken into account.



Some of the patio heaters and fire pits are portable while you wanna make some change or move to a new house, but others not. Please carefully consider the factor before you purchase one.



Which one is better for you? A patio heater or a fire pit? Neither a patio heater nor a fire pit is “better” in every situation. you’ll have to decide for yourself based on your personal requirements for the heat source’s use. Compare and contrast the pros and cons, consider your space and the fuel source you want, and then make a favorable choice. Here’s the online store you can choose from to warm your backyard or patio in cold winter and enjoy cozy nights outdoor. Visit https://vivzone.com/ to get more options.

 In light of these considerations, you’ll be able to choose the most favorable heater.





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by Chen Winnie