Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

by Selina Luo
Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas

Your living room is the heart of your home all year long, but it feels extra important once the holidays roll around. Getting out your favorite holiday decorations can be a lovely and overwhelming experience all at the same time. You can decorate your bookshelves, coffee table, couch, and fireplace (or create one) to fill every inch of your living room with an extra dose of holiday cheer. There are options for every type of decorator to take advantage of old, new, and even handmade decor.

A Marvelous Mantel

Interior designer Gillian Segal made a statement by dressing up her fireplace to give Santa a warm welcome. While the larger-than-life assortment commands plenty of attention, its cool, neutral palette keeps it from feeling over-the-top.


Layers Of Lights

You can never go wrong with lights to dress up your garland or Christmas tree.



Use a Planter as a Stand

"More is more," says Matthew Bees, decorator behind this eclectic room. "The holidays are meant to be extravagant! Instead of a tree skirt, try a vintage fishbowl or planter. It heightens the tree and gives you more room for Santa's surprises," he adds.

Christmas Wall Decor

Create a dynamic wow-looking wall for your living room. All you need is just a fantastic rotating water wave lamp. Make your living room look christmas is much easier than you ever think.


A Coastal Christmas

Remember that decorating for the holidays does not require sacrificing your design aesthetic. Waterleaf Interiors’s Jill Johnson gave this living room a coastal edge by adorning the bar nook with garland and a silver wreath.






Decorated Boughs

For our small space dwellers, don’t fret if you don’t have space for a Christmas tree. You can still have a merry holiday season by decorating your home with fresh fir, pine, or spruce branches in oversized clear jars. Don’t forget to hang vibrant ornaments!


Blue Christmas

Or if you prefer to make a statement with one color, try cooler blues. As this room from Monika Hibbs proves, a touch of teal can be a refreshing alternative to the traditional Christmas palette.


String Up Bells

Banisters can be tricky to decorate. For a light, airy, and cheerful look, try stringing red and white paper bells together with fishing line.


Pops of Plaid

One of the Christmas living room décor ideas that will surely make your space look chic and cozy is to add plaid stockings on your luxurious garland and throw pillows. Complete the look with a beautiful floral arrangement.
by Selina Luo