Why the WHO asked people to wear masks in public places?

by Aneeza Sehrish
Why the WHO asked people to wear masks in public places?

Coronavirus outbreak in December 2019 is an incident that our world will never forget even after centuries. This outbreak has caused uncurable losses. Till today, June 10, 2020, about 7 million people have been infected with this virus, and 416,000 have lost their battle with it.

WHO decided to put some precautions for safety from this infection when all this became uncontrollable. And no cure was discovered for Corona. One of them was wearing masks in public.

 They implemented this because asymptomatic carriers can be a source for spreading the virus. And homemade cannot block this pathogen. So, let us start with different scenarios and where should we wear a mask.

Wearing Masks in Different Scenarios

Following are those points which came into the mind of a layman that whether to use the mask at those places or not:

1.    Public

According to the recommendations of WHO, people should wear masks when going out for hospitals, salons, restaurants, grocery, using public transportation, and the places where you doubt that they can transmit germs to you. In short, you have to practice wearing masks to those crowded places where one is unable to maintain social distancing.

2.    Driving a Car

Wearing masks everywhere policy does not extend to the vehicle. But if you are conscious that might you be the source for viral transmission or may be infected with Covid-19, it is better to wear masks when you can't maintain a distance of six feet. When you are in a taxi, you must wear a mask to prevent this virus transmission.

3.    Children

In most of the states and countries of the world, children do not need to wear masks for age less than two and those who face difficulty in breathing. But children above this age range should wear masks regularly.

But there are some states in which children raging in age to 12 do not need to wear masks. And if for proper precautions they wear masks, any adult should guard them.


To conclude, WHO decided and proposed all these precautions for our safety, and we should follow them strictly.  Because following these precautions can not only save our lives but also, we will be able to overcome this pandemic until a proper cure to this viral infection is discovered.

So stay at home and stay safe because if you are healthy, you can enjoy life otherwise everything irritates you.

by Aneeza Sehrish