Who should we wear a mask or a face covering?

by Aneeza Sehrish
Who should we wear a mask or a face covering?

As the Corona is spreading rapidly, and the masks cannot fulfill the people's requirement, physicians suggested using cloth masks at places where you are unable to maintain social distancing.

So, let us begin to explore why the masks or face coverings are necessary for this pandemic.

Asymptomatic Individuals

Recently, researches have evolved that there are also infected individuals with no symptoms. They are the silent carriers. They do not show any symptoms like shortness of breath, cough, flu, or fever. And today, countless infected people are transmitting the virus to others.

Something is Better than Nothing

As the use of masks can't get rid of all of us from this outbreak, but something is better than nothing. Because when sneezing or coughing we drop the aerosol droplet in air. Those droplets are the number one source of transmission to a wide range of people.

For reducing the respiratory droplets, masks are beneficial as they do not go viral particles to pass through them.

The reason for recommending wearing masks to everyone is that in this way, we all will protect each other, and the overall spreading of Corona will be under control. Wearing masks also jog your memory that you should not touch your faces after touching any contaminated surface.

Cloth Masks vs. N95 Masks

The CDC and the World Health Organization said healthy people do not need to wear masks. But with the rapid increase in the number of patients, they decided to recommend everyone should wear a mask.

The efficiency of cloth masks is not too good, but when you have nothing to save you from this outbreak, wearing a cloth mask is not a bad option. Also, the side curves of covers have been slightly flattened the curves so that the chances of viral particle entry from sideways are reduced to zero.

N95, on the other hand, is considered to be the best for preventing the transmission of that virus. They completely block the passage even 95% of bacteria and viruses are unable to cross them. And masks of cotton are least effective as when washing them with time their resistibility against microorganisms goes down to zero.


Masks are not the shield that will protect you from death due to this virus. But they play an active role in the prevention of viral transmission. Physicians also plead you to maintain social distancing, do not go out of the house if it is not that essential, and wash your hands regularly and adequately.  

by Aneeza Sehrish