Top Tips on Where to Pitch a Tent

by Selina Luo
Top Tips on Where to Pitch a Tent

Although a tent is a mobile house, it does not mean that it can be set up anywhere. So how to choose a place to pitch a tent? If you like outdoor camping to relax, you must learn how to safely build your own outdoor home! After reading this guide to pitching a tent, build a sturdy and reliable haven for yourself!

 tent in a forest

Near water: Camping and rest are inseparable from water. Nearness is the first element in choosing a campsite. Therefore, when choosing a campsite, you should choose to be close to streams, lakes, and rivers in order to get water. However, camps should not be tied to the river beach. Some rivers have power plants in the upper reaches of the river. During the water storage period, the river beach is wide and the water flow is small. Once the water is released, the river beach will be full. When floods or flash floods occur, attention must be paid to prevent such problems, especially in the rainy season and flash flood-prone areas.

 pitch tent under starts

Leeward: When camping in the wild, you have to consider the issue of leeward wind, especially in some valleys and river beaches, you should choose a place leeward to camp. Also pay attention to the direction of the tent door not to face the wind. Leeward also considers fire safety and convenience.

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Far cliffs: When camping, you can't put the camp under the cliff. This is very dangerous. Once a strong wind blows on the mountain, rocks and other objects may be blown off, causing casualties.

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Shady: If it is a camp where you need to live for more than two days, you should choose a shady place to camp under good weather conditions, such as under the big trees and on the north side of the mountain. It is best to face the sun instead of the sunset sun. In this way, if you rest during the day, the tent will not be too stuffy.

 tent at night

Lightning protection: In the rainy season or areas with heavy thunder and lightning, the camp must not be anchored on high ground, under high trees or relatively isolated flat ground. That's easy to attract lightning strikes.

by Selina Luo