The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

by Selina Luo
The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

There are various camping chairs on the market for you to choose from, but will you really choose the most suitable for you? Camping chairs come in various shapes and sizes. They are made for different purposes and needs. In this guide, I take you through everything you need to consider to purchase the best camping chair ever!  Well the best for you anyway.

 The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

Camping Chair Types



◎Back Support



Camping Chair Types


Quad Fold Chairs


Quad fold chairs are known for being great lightweight chairs and don’t take up too much space in the back of the car.  However there is a huge range in their weights and sizes.

You usually find at the very least these sorts of chairs come with a drink holder.

 The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

Directors Chairs


The director chair adopts a comfortable and sturdy design, usually equipped with built-in table and cup holders and other accessories. The sitting position of the director chair is quite stiff and flat, and the back of the seat is low, so you must sit in a straighter position.

The disadvantage of director chairs is that they are usually heavier and bulkier than four-fold chairs. In addition, the director chair uses a flat-fold design, which means that even if it is folded, it will take up some space.






Flat Folding Camping Chairs


Flat folding camping chairs are very similar to a director’s chair in that they fold flat, however they feature a tall back which usually has a number of recline positions making them much more comfortable.  Some of these high back camping chairs even have a footrest, so you can lie right back.

 The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

Camping Lounge Chairs


Camping lounge chairs allow you to lie down and relax completely during a camping trip. However, it is very bulky and is only recommended if you have enough space to transport them and when you are not too far away from the car when camping.


Camping Stools


For an ultra-light and compact chair, you need a folding camping stool. These chairs are designed for hikers and are made of very light materials.

 The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

Kids Camping Chairs


For families with little kids you may even want to buy some kid’s camping chairs.





When looking for a high-quality camping chair, the first thing you should consider is the weight of the chair. Also consider the space available for transporting chairs in your car. You will find that a more comfortable padded camping chair can take up some space in your car, but as a simple light and small camping chair, it hardly takes up any space.


If you need ultra-light camping chairs, you are likely to pay a little more, because these camping chairs need to be made of thin and strong materials, which are more expensive than thick steel.

 The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021



Cheap chairs are made of crappy fabrics, which can tear, sag and wear, and they are absolutely not padded and very uncomfortable. You can buy a durable chair for at least $10 or more.


Chairs that cost between $30 and $40 are made of high-quality fabrics and durable frames and hardware.

 The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021

Back Support


To be honest, not many camping chairs can have this function.


Many camping chairs are very concave around the back area, which may not work well if you have back problems. Most do not provide any support.


Therefore, you end up in a camping chair with a round lower back.


This is not a good sign for anyone with any back problems. If you sit in a bad camping chair long enough, you may even cause yourself back problems.


You can always keep a pillow on hand so that you can place it behind your waist when using the chair.

The Complete Guide to the Best Camping Chairs 2021



The best rated camping chairs come with a range of great accessories, in fact even the cheap lightweight camping chairs usually come with a few accessories too.


For the best camping chair experience, I can highly recommend a camping chair with table built in.  While most come with a cup holder, I find these are bit unstable and you’re likely to spill your beer!  Plus with a little table you’ve got somewhere for your snacks too – because you know otherwise you’d have to walk over to the table – and who wants to do that!


Other accessories you can get include built in little coolers or even little storage pockets for your phone and keys etc.

by Selina Luo