Do masks help prevention of Covid-19?

by Aneeza Sehrish
Do masks help prevention of Covid-19?

 Highlights of Covid-19 and Mask Scenario

    As the people around the globe are facing this COVID-19 pandemic and the vaccine is not yet been discovered, doctors recommend using masks as a preventive measure. The transmission of Covid-19 can be controlled to a fantastic extent by proper use of masks.

    Because Covid-19 is a viral infection so to lessen its spreading threat one needs to:

    Þ   Restrain the interaction with infected persons.

    Þ    Try to wear masks in public or any crowded place to control the transmission of infection.

    Though wearing masks is not the solution to avoid this disease, but we should take care and follow the preventive measure to the extent we can. People commonly use a cloth to cover their faces while going out, but doctors suggest using a proper mask.

    Depending on the needs, there are many types of masks launched in the market. Surgical masks are best for symptomatic persons to overcome viral transmission; nevertheless, WHO refrains the public to use surgical masks because doctors and paramedical staff should prioritize using surgical masks.

    The need for Wearing Face Mask

    It is advisable to wear a face mask if you are interacting with any individual having the Covid-19 symptoms or taking care of infected patients. Even you are requested to wear masks in public places where you are unable to maintain distance.

    Precautions while Wearing a Mask

    Though wearing a mask does not follow any rocket science you should learn, there are some basic mistakes we often make while wearing a mask. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has enlisted the following fundamental concerns for people:

    • Wear your mask in a way that it should cover your mouth and nose.
    • Wear it in a way that you do not feel difficulty in breathing while covering your face.
    •  After use disposes of the mask properly.
    • The mask should not be too loose that it slips from your nose. Tie it properly.
    • Avoid touching the mask when you are wearing it.
    •  While removing the mask, put it off from its ends and try not to touch the front to avoid inhaling any infective particle.







    The overall situation concludes that masks are playing a significant role in the prevention of Covid-19. However, there should be a proper way for mask disposal so that no one is subjected to viruses by anyone's mistake.

     Furthermore, just wearing masks cannot keep you safe you have to strictly follow the other parameters set by the doctors, researchers, and government to protect yourself and your loved ones and to play your role in eradicating this disease.

    by Aneeza Sehrish