Covid-19 and Masks

by Aneeza Sehrish
Covid-19 and Masks

Background of Covid-19

2020 did not prove a successful year for all of us. With its start, the world was experiencing a pandemic novel Coronavirus in short Covid-19. Many people got infected with this virus, and countless people lost their loved ones due to this outbreak.

Though its vaccine has not been discovered yet, physicians suggested following the safety rules set for the protection from this viral infection. One of the first precautions of this virus is to wear a mask. So, let us explore the basics and all about masks in this scenario.

Wearing a Mask

Doctors insist on wearing masks when visiting an infected person or going out for a grocery. At least keep a distance of 3 meters from others. In case you don't have a mask, cover your face adequately with a cloth.

You should use masks if you are having any symptoms of the infection or are going to visit your doctor for a checkup—this restriction to both you and the person accompanying you to the clinic. The people who cannot remove their masks by themselves, such as disabled individuals and children under two, should not wear masks. 

Reason for Wearing Mask

Mostly people ask they do not have symptoms; then why should they wear masks. It is proved by the researches that an ever infected person does not show the signs. So, wearing masks ensures that you will not transmit this to others unknowingly if you are a carrier. Try to wash your cover regularly.

Practice to Wear Masks

To keep yourself safe from this pandemic, make wearing a mask your habit. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines for masks:

  • Always wash your hands before wearing a mask.
  • Cover mouth and nose with one hand and with another tie the loops at the back of your ears.
  • Place your mask on your nose.
  • Then cover the chin with the mask.
  • When you are done with wearing the mask, wash your hands with soap properly.
  • If you feel the mask is wet or dusty, change it.
  • Avoid touching your face when wearing a mask.
  • When taking off the mask, do not touch its front.
  • Please dispose of the mask properly in the waste bin after folding it.










To conclude, I will only say that wearing a mask is not only the solution to be safe from this pandemic; you have to follow the proper guidelines of wearing and disposing of covers; otherwise, it will be the primary source for spreading the infection.

by Aneeza Sehrish