Can Covid-19 pass through masks?

by Aneeza Sehrish
Can Covid-19 pass through masks?

Today, when the vaccine for Corona Virus is nor yet in the market and physicians recommend using masks and following other precautionary measures, everyone is doubtful whether masks can prevent the virus from entering their respiratory tracts or not.


Doctors suggest that only symptomatic individuals, caretakers of infected patients should wear masks, but healthy persons should not use masks.



Mask Action on Covid-19


Novel Coronavirus causes respiratory infections and is transmitted when the person breathes where an infected person sneezed or coughed. These microparticles stay suspended for up to several hours in the air, and they can easily cross the masks.



Like in chemistry, the filter paper is used in many experiments; similarly, now filter paper with masks are needed to prevent the inhalation of the virus.



When a person does not wear the mask properly, remove it while drinking, and eating or reuses, it will likely have more chances to be the next victim of the virus.



Face masks have different types ranging in between simple cloth, surgical masks, and N95. The action of different masks against Covid-19 is briefly described below:



·        Cloth masks


Commonly the increased demand for masks lead to their shortage, and people are using household cloth to use as a mask. However, its use is useless in the protection of healthy people from the viral transmission.



·        Surgical masks


Surgical masks play a considerable role in preventing virus transmission from asymptomatic patient to a healthy person. Surgical masks can protect people with serious medical health for a short interval. Doctors suggest wearing surgical masks in crowded places where there is a high risk of interaction with Covid-19.



·        N95 masks


A respirator, N95, offers more excellent protection against this virus as compared to surgical masks. This mask's specificity is that it can filter every particle a person inhales, whether it is smaller or larger. The name for this mask is N95, as it is valid up to 95% against smaller aerosols.



Based on protection against viral particles, cloth masks rank at the lowest position, then the surgical masks, and the best one is N95 masks.

To Sum Up


People believe just wearing masks can save their lives. It is valid to some extent, but if you do not follow the doctors' proper precautionary measures, only masks cannot save you from this virus.



by Aneeza Sehrish