USB Rechargeable Pumpkin Lantern

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Use our USB rechargeable pumpkin lamp to light up your night. This charming lantern is designed like a pumpkin, and can be fully charged via USB in just 6-10 hours, ensuring reliable operation throughout the night. It can be used for up to 6 hours with just one charge. Very suitable for long-term outdoor gatherings, its portable and lightweight design can be easily placed on any surface or hung up, with a variety of uses.

Core functions:

  • Fast USB charging: It can be fully charged in 6-10 hours, achieving reliable night performance.
  • Extended running time: After being fully charged, it can run for up to 6 hours, making it very suitable for outdoor gatherings.
  • Multiple placement methods: portable, lightweight, can be placed on any flat surface or easily suspended.
  • Durable material: Made of high-quality resin, it is durable and long-lasting.
  • Customizable lighting: With three different lighting effects, controlled by easy-to-use buttons.


Materiak resin
Dimensions: 7'lx 7'W x 4.7H
Weight: 1.5 pounds

Attention: Long press the button at the bottom of the lantern to turn it on or off. Press the button to switch between three different lighting effects.

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