Ghost Projection 3D Hologram Fan

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Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with your window. This Ghost Projection Holographic Fan creates the appearance of a ghost floating on your windows - truly stunning!


  • Upgraded holographic fan + WiFi + APP upload (for Android / IOS) + high resolution (640P) + 224PCS LED light + 30% brightness.
  • Two-leaf design, composed of 224 high-brightness LED lamp beads. Ultra-high-density 224 LED rotating imaging, presenting the eye with high-definition 3D visual effects, the new holographic projector has a resolution of 640*640px. With a large number of lamp beads, you can get a clearer and brighter 3D pattern.

  • Added WiFi function, APP connects your hologram-high-resolution 3D visual effects, realistic holographic effects can help you effectively turn passive audiences into real buyers.

  • The content displayed by the holographic fan display can be uploaded using a TF card and mobile phone APP.

  • The holographic video of the product can be clearly displayed, and the advertising content can be changed flexibly. Custom video and pattern editing, support memory card, and pattern editing software.

  • Easy to install, it can be rotated or hung on the installation wall, it will never take up too much space.



Diameter: 42CM/16.1 inch
Product size (mm) :16*16*1.5inch
LED: 224pcs
Viewing angle: 176 degrees
Remote control (multi-function): yes
Resolution: 640*640pxi
Memory card: 8G
APP: iOS/Android
Power output voltage: 12V2A
Power rating: 10W-15W
Weight: 1.1lbs
Support format: mp4,avi,rmvb,mkv,gif,jpg,png

Package includes:Holographic Machine x 1Advertising machine fixed pendant x 1Remote control x 1SD card x 1Card reader x 1Screw Pack x 1Manual x 1Adapter Power x 1


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