Colosseum Tabletop Fire Pit

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-HOME DECOR & WARM: In the shape of a Roman Colosseum, the VIVZONE tabletop fire pit combines the sophistication of a home décor piece with the practicality of use as a fire pit, enhancing the warmth and ambiance of a living room, dining room or backyard patio.

-CLEAN BURNING: Traditional gas or wood fireplaces can release odors or smoke into your home. VIVZONE Tabletop Fire Pits burn alcohol, which is mostly smokeless and smoke-free, allowing you to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the flames without compromising air quality. This means you won't have unpleasant odors clinging to your furniture or wafting across your backyard.


Gather the whole family and use it to roast marshmallows for s'more or other fondue treats.



Suitable for:

Deep Relaxation


Spiritual Rituals

Elegant and romantic places

Meditation and prayer space


How to use:

- Place the fire pit on a level and sturdy surface and make sure to keep it away from children and pets.

- Fill with Solid Fuel Tablets or 70% - 91% isopropyl alcohol under the rim of the stainless steel bowl (make sure the flame is extinguished if refilling with liquid)

- Use a long-necked lighter or long match to ignite (beware of sudden fires)

- To extinguish the fire, cover with a non-flammable object (e.g. our included fire extinguisher)


Package contents:

1 Concrete Fire Pit,

1 Fire extinguisher,

1 Stainless steel container,

1 Instruction Manual / Warnings.

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