-Mask size: 4.3 * 3.5 * 2.7 inches

-Filter size: 3.3*2.3* 1.1 inches

-Material: ABS, medical grade silicone

-Weight: 75g

-Certificate: KN95

-Include 1 piece of KN95 filter

-Working time: up to 6 hours

-Fully charged: 2 hours

-Noise below 40 dB

-Battery: 1000 mA

-Charging parameters: 5V/1A

-Voltage: 3.7V

-Power: 0.8W

-Operating temperature: -20℃~50℃

-Rechargeable with USB port

-2 stage adjustable air flow


Key Features


1.A fan motor is installed inside the mask to continuously supply fresh air (through filter) from the outside to allow comfortable breathing, and there is no discomfort or fogging caused by moisture generated during breathing.

2.The filter can be used for 10 days, depending on the user's environment. The used filter can be discarded and replaced with a new filter. The mask body can be used semi-permanently and is very economical when used for a long period of time by changing only the filter.

3.The controller, which is configured together, is responsible for power and air flow control of the mask, and the air flow to the mask can be adjusted in 2 stages: weak and strong.

4.The filter is 4-layer KN95 certificated.

  • The 1st layer: strong anti-bacterial net, filtering large particles, impurities, bacteria, etc. in the air.
  • The 2nd layer: activated carbon filter, sterilization and deodorization to absorb odor and formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.
  • The 3rd layer: high-efficiency HEPA filter, filter PM2.5 and pollen, smoke and other dust.
  • The 4th layer: shielding protection net, effectively inhibit bacterial growth and release negative oxygen ions.





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