Smart Self Cleaning + Self Changing Motion Sensor Trash Can

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Say goodbye to the gross job of taking out the trash. Vivzone’s 15L Smart Self Cleaning Trash Can opens automatically when you place your hand near the sensor, then seals and closes with a push of a button. No need to touch anything icky. You'll never need to touch a garbage bag again--everything is clean and hidden inside the can.

Our trash can will help you keep your home as clean as possible by automatically sealing itself after every use. We've made it so easy for you - one touch and you'll never have to touch a dirty bag again. It's time to go green with our self-cleaning trash can.Simply place a new garbage bag in the refill ring and our can will quickly seal it with its one-touch button. You'll never want to touch trash again.



Product Details

— Colors: White

— Materials: ABS

— Measurements: 11"L x 9.5"W x 16"H

— Warranty: Manufacture's 1 Year

— Includes 20 Refill Garbage Bags

— Built-in Infrared Sensor To Automatically Open & Close The Lid

— Automatic Thermoplastic Sealing

— Automatic Packing Function

— Voice Prompt Indication During The Sealing Process

— Sealed Odor-free Design

— Rechargeable Battery

— Charging Cord Included


Tech Specs


— Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

— Lithium Battery: 12.6V

— Time To Fully Charge: 7H

— Run Time On Single Charge: 1 Month+

— Charging Cord: Type-C

— Cord Length: 1m


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